Thursday, November 19, 2009


After months and months of planning, constructing, and wiring, I'm happy to report my Fortress of Solitude desk/cubicle modification is complete. Took almost 2 full days to get all the paper crystals rolled up, taped, and mounted. Since there were 3 different sizes of acrylic crystal I had to roll with a different template every time. Took much longer than I thought.

These images are WITHOUT the Jorel hologram.

I used the bottom knobs of small Sprite bottles to cap the open LEDs to give them a nice green Kryptonian tint.

photos courtesy of Michael Clemens.


  1. This is awesome. My husband will be jealous. He's an IT supervisor and is considering redecorating the whole office with some geeky theme. The front runner so far has been recreating the bridge on the Enterprise, but the Fortress of Solitude might be a contender.

  2. Hi... my Name is Roberto Chavarria, I'm from Costa Rica and I manage the spanish speakers site called Fortaleza de la Soledad (Fortress of Solitude)

    First though, let me congratulate you for this incredible piece of art that you made, I honestly envy you.

    Second, as you noticed, the site I manage has something to do with what you just did... is there any chance that we can make an interview to you (through email)?

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    Any way, we are writing about you and your work in our site today...

    Again congratulations!!!

  3. Magnificent job. Very creative and well executed.

  4. That looks badass. I had the idea that I was going to take my dog's dogloo, attach cut plastic tubing to the sides of it, and make his own Fortress of Solitude. I found this site while researching construction materials, and it has been very helpful, I've got a lot of great ideas. Hats off to you, sir, awesome project.

  5. Rad. Are you selling blueprints? I know where to get a ream of paper.

  6. Nice job there. Are you having a Jor El hologram next? :)