Monday, September 28, 2009


Jorel head JUST ABOUT complete. Just need to smooth some patches, then its BAKE TIME! After its baked i'll be bringing it to work to have it vaccuuformed with clear plastic. I'll try to get some progression pictures of the vaccuuform process... i've never done it.

I've also completed 1 of the 4 panels. Its taken me more months than i assumed, but ever aspect of this project has been a learning experience.

I started by soldering all my white LEDs with resistors, then splitting them with + wire and the - wire so they would work in a string series.

It was quite a challenge holding these foundation pieces up while drilling holes for the LEDs. Since I glued the acrylic tubes on first, I had to drill from the back side.

I then plotted the course for the LEDs on the bottom side with a marker. Figured at some point it would just be a rats nest of wires, I know how I work, so i planned ahead.

Using a hot glue gun, I secured the LEDs into the holes via the back side. About 3 - 4 at a time. This was tedious work.

Fully wired, soldered, and shrink tubed... i cross my fingers and plugged it in....

I brought that one piece into work to final assembly. Works beautifully, just as I imagined it. Image below is still without paper tubes/crystals. Except for one on the left in the foreground.

And just to show how I've mounted it going AWAY from the desk...
Used metal strips with holes so i could adjust it, in the end, I just bent them to get it level. And those metal strips fit perfectly into these ridges built into the cubicle. Most of the weight is resting on the front part, sitting on the cubicle wall. Just hope we dont have an earthquake. I'll be safe, but it could get destroyed if it fell.

ONE PANEL DOWN................ THREE TO GO!