Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"...My son"

When I get tired of cutting Styrofoam, I move to the clay. I've been inching my way closer to a decent "blocking" of my Marlon Brando Jorel head. Which I will Vacuform clear plastic over, leaving a clear "hologram" Jorel mask. Just to give you an idea, here's an example I found of a clear/transparent mask.

My Jorel face will be hanging from the cieling, suspended over my monitors, hopefully reflecting and refracting the fortress crystals around it.

Image above shows most of the mass is made of foil. I'm only creating a mask, not a solid head.
The weird looking worm is the start of the hair line. His profile still not mathcing Brando's, spent most of the time on the front, now I need to work his cheeks into something a little more Brando like.

Above is the latest and greatest. Hair curl is just temp placement. The eyes I will most likely do last, since I use his ocular cavities as thumb leverage when tryin to smooth out all the lumps in the clay.