Thursday, November 19, 2009

...with Jorel Hologram

I hung it with 2 fishing lines, which are connected to 2 rare earth magnets on the ceiling (I work in a converted air plane hangar, everything is steel.)


After months and months of planning, constructing, and wiring, I'm happy to report my Fortress of Solitude desk/cubicle modification is complete. Took almost 2 full days to get all the paper crystals rolled up, taped, and mounted. Since there were 3 different sizes of acrylic crystal I had to roll with a different template every time. Took much longer than I thought.

These images are WITHOUT the Jorel hologram.

I used the bottom knobs of small Sprite bottles to cap the open LEDs to give them a nice green Kryptonian tint.

photos courtesy of Michael Clemens.

Monday, November 2, 2009


After finishing the face sculpt, I baked it in my home oven, double the time the box suggested since it was over 4 boxes of Super Sculpy.

Once baked, it was ready for vaccuuform.

Never used one of those machine before, it was awesome. It shrinks around the object in a second once you flip the switch.

Here it is incased in the plastic before I cut it out.

Ir wasnt easy getting it out, once the original was free for the plastic mold, I used a Drummel tool to sand the outside edges and sculpt the back edge a little bit more.