Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'd hate to admit it, but I work in a cubicle. And its pretty "IKEA". White, Gray, and Wood. Some people at work decorate, put out Star Wars figurines, pictures of the wife and kids, and so forth. Others go vertical.

But first, a lil back story...
I work in an old Air Force hangar converted into office space. Much of the companies decorations involve WW2 Aviation themes. An employee (JD) on the second floor took this "decoration" theme to the next level; by building a replica air plane hangar around his cubicle, completely made out of cardboard. No joke.

This certain individual (JD) has inspired me to construct vertically also. And the first thing that came to mind was Superman's Fortress of Solitude. With no idea of how, or what materials I would be using, I started some rough blueprints. Since I work for a pretty corporate company, I had to keep "office safety" in mind. Meaning, I couldn't have solid crystals made of plastic, or any other SOLID or HEAVY materials that could fall on me during an earthquake or something.

So in homage to JD's air plane hangar, I plan on making all of the crystals out of a paper products (rolled tubes of paper). The foundation will be built out of wood and acrylic tubes. The acrylic tubes will act as mountings for the paper crystals. And I chose acrylic because I plan on illuminating them with LEDs.

I will post some progress pictures soon.


  1. Fricking let's go, Scott-El!

  2. That sounds so flippin' cool! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)